Greetings from IMAGO Technologies! We look forward to sharing the latest news and exciting happenings in the virtual meeting and hybrid classroom space, as well as our newest achievements and breakthroughs.

As we progress increasingly towards digitalization in all aspects of life, employment and education, IMAGO Education Solutions becomes increasingly more relevant as it prepares students for the world of the future. Adapting to the digital age of education, IMAGO’s compact all-in-one classroom solutions are made for hybrid teaching and learning.

In the past few years, we have dedicated our time and energy to helping teachers and students in various schools and universities. We are happy that they have been benefitting from IMAGO Education Solutions.

In Kueen Lai International Secondary School (Malaysia), the principal Chris Ng shared, “Education today is an investment. Just as you invest in your child’s education, we invest in the physical infrastructure, the academic system, the technology and the teachers to ensure the best learning environment.”

Kueen Lai International Secondary School (Malaysia) endorsed IMAGO’s Smart Classroom Solutions, including its smart wireless sharing, collaborative digital whiteboard, and the IMAGO flash blended learning solution.

Meanwhile, in Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Dr. Junainah Jaidi, Director of PPKA (2020- 2021), shared that IMAGO Edu Board is the perfect solution for UMS as it fulfils all its requirements to implement the smart concept in its classrooms.

“Smart Space provides flexibility in terms of time and location to students, thanks to our video-on-demand facility, as well as access to online learning materials,” said Dr. Denis Andrew D. Lajium, Director of PPKA, UMS.

In Xavier School (Philippines), grade school principal Ms. Jane Cacacho explained that moving from a fully online modality to the hyflex setup entailed a steep learning curve for the teachers. The school wanted to equip the teachers with a classroom device that is easy to use and will make the learning inclusive, despite the absence of zoomies inside the campus. The IMAGO Edu Board fits these criteria.

“Shifting to the use of IMAGO Edu Board came with some challenges when implementing something new, but the new ways have far out weighed whatever adjustments the teachers had to do,” said Ms. Cacacho.

In its illustrious 116-year history, Confucian Private Secondary School (Malaysia) has strived to be inclusive and flexible for all levels of learning capabilities. To enable continuous academic improvement, the school has to keep up with the latest developments in the education industry.

“In 2017, we started construction on a new 15-storey multipurpose facility. In addition to a larger capacity for learning and extracurricular activities, the building also added 35 smart classrooms, which were equipped with the latest technologies. At that time, we procured 70 units of IMAGO Edu Boards. Our teachers are well-trained to leverage the interactive and collaborative capabilities of the new system to carry out hybrid classes with our affiliate partners from foreign countries. In doing so, we have transformed the school into a smart campus,” said principal Ng Beng Pen.

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