In line with the cutting-edge advancements in educational technology, IMAGO Smart Present has been seamlessly integrated into ChromeOS Flex. This new collaboration facilitates easy utilization of IMAGO Smart Present on any Chrome device, ensuring a seamless experience of using IMAGO Edu Board. It is worth noting that educators, regardless of their technical proficiency, can easily install and utilize the free-of-charge ChromeOS Flex. Furthermore, your standard Google applications will be displayed interactively and readily accessible at the click of a button.

By switching to ChromeOS Flex with IMAGO Edu Board, educators would undoubtedly enhance student engagement, foster collaboration, and ultimately elevate their academic performance.

Create Interactive Lessons

In the meantime, Educators could employ IMAGO Collab, a lightweight virtual whiteboard equipped with templates and a feature-rich sketching library for an engaging lesson. Students can join on any device from laptops, tablets and mobile devices. This approach serves to enhance teaching strategies and foster innovative collaboration among students.

Track Student Progress

Besides that, educators have the opportunity to employ ChromeOS Flex and IMAGO Edu Board as means of administering evaluations and monitoring scholarly advancement. As an illustration, a teacher could generate a math problem quiz through Google Form, where students can complete the assessment on the interactive display. Subsequently, the educator can review each student’s performance by examining their respective results from the quiz.

Encourage Collaboration

Furthermore, educators will be equipped with the capability to foster students’ collaborative skills. By leveraging Google Docs to create shared documents, teachers can promote group work and engagement by encouraging students to collaborate on an interactive display.

In conclusion, ChromeOS Flex embedded in IMAGO Edu Board is a powerful combination that can help educators take the classroom to the next level, by creating a more engaging and interactive learning environment for their students.

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