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IMAGO was founded in the United States in 2010 by a team of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, who are passionate about smart education and team collaboration technologies.

IMAGO is established around the world with manufacturing plant in Malaysia, Research & Development in Europe, and presence in Asia Pacific countries.

We strive to enrich lives by enabling connectivity and collaboration, be it in the classroom, boardroom or even your living room. When it comes to smart technologies, we are committed to make working and learning simple, fun, secured and future-ready.


We aim to foster happiness by bringing extraordinary collaborative and communications experience to the world and helping people to reach their full potential in this digitally connected world.

We are committed to helping people to connect, collaborate and learn in the most environmentally friendly manner with our innovations.


To promote collaboration, elevate lifestyle and inspire people around the globe with our smart, all-in-one technologies and our commitment to continuous innovation.

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