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X20 Pro Front View

Wireless Presentation & Collaboration System

X20 Pro Side View

Seamless Collaboration On The Go

Turn any traditional display into an interactive wireless display with features to support cross-platform sharing, and highly interactive tools to facilitate information exchange and collaboration.

Work and Learn Together

Mirror your screen to any displays, be it from the same room or the next door. Support up to 9 screens displaying the same content at the same time.

Multiple Devices
X20 Pro Detection

Collaborate & Enrich Your Sharing Experience

Elevate collaborative and interactive experience with Reverse Broadcasting, up to 100 devices concurrently.

Truly Wire-Less

Say goodbye to messy cables and add-on dongles. Smart Present X20 PRO enables sharing easily with common wireless transmission protocols.

Smart Present X20 Pro

X20 Pro Front View

Strong Compatibility

Supports most video conferencing applications such as IMAGO Flash, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams – a complete video conferencing platform acting like an endpoint.

Boost Engagement

Comes with essential features blended in for an immersive, collaborative, and interactive experience: Digital Whiteboard, Co-Annotation & Editing, Google Workspace, and more.

Control Your Display

Share your entire computer or mobile device screen, or select extend screen to share only what you want the audience to see.

Multi-Network Support

Guests and staff network, or students and teachers network can all present wirelessly and securely via different VLAN.

Slim and Compact

Built for portability, its slim and compact design allows user to carry it anywhere for easy plug and play.

Reinforced Security

Pin-code connect to prevent unauthorised connection and sharing.