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We are Immersive, we are Interactive, we are Panorama Interactive Display

Panorama Smartboard

We are Immersive, we are Interactive, we are Panorama Interactive Display

See the world, the world you want it with 21:9 Ultra Wide, 5K resolution

Imagine a screen that’s wider and clearer than anything you’ve ever seen before. That’s what our IMAGO AIOS Panorama offers – a 21:9 ultra-wide 5K resolution display that’s here to revolutionize the way you work and collaborate.

The IMAGO AIOS Panorama offers an unprecedented viewing experience wrapped into a massive 105″ screen. This interactive touch panel comes equipped with 5K resolution, enabling a 77% increase in pixel density compared to standard 4k screens.

This means more clarity, finer details, and sharper images for your viewing pleasure. Whether you’re presenting a business proposal, conducting a group training, or merely enjoying multimedia content, the display brings your visuals life.

Interactive and Multi-dimensional Engagement

The IMAGO AIOS Panorama isn’t just another large display, it is an interface built for interaction. The intuitive touch technology allows multiple users to engage with the screen concurrently, creating a dynamic and participatory environment. This makes it an ideal choice for group projects, team meetings, or any collaborative tasks that require immediate feedback and tangible engagement. With our proprietary Screen Share software, SmartPresent®, allow up to 9 device to shared, interaction becomes second nature on our Panoramic displays. It’s optimized for seamless collaboration, providing quick and easy access to your daily workflow. Say hello to a smarter way of working.

Designed with Human Interaction in Mind

Understanding the human visual system’s panoramic preference, the AIOS Panorama has been tailored to match the normal field of vision. The 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio ensures all critical information is within comfortable reach, contributing to an enhanced user experience. The screen’s ergonomic design removes unnecessary strain, allowing you to focus on your work without distraction.

Technical Specifications

Light Source : LED

Brightness : 400 cd/sq.m

Contrast : 1200:01

Resolution : 5120 x 2160 (5K)

Response Time : 8ms

Viewing Angle : 178º

Display Colour : 8 bits

Screen Protection : 4mm Toughened Glass Surface Protection


Operating System : Microsoft Windows 11 Pro, Google ChromeOS Flex, IMAGO UOS Pro V12.0

Processor : Intel Core i5 / Core i7

RAM : 8GB / 16GB

Storage : 128GB / 256GB SSD

WLAN : 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz

Touch Surface : Anti-Break

Touch Sensor : IR

Touch Point : 20 points

Writing Tools : Pen or Finger

Touch Resolutions : 32767 x 32767

Response Time : Less than 7ms

Cursor Time : 125 point/s

Positioning Accuracy : 1 mm

Interface to Computer (External) : USB (Touch Out) x 1

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