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Extreme Versatility For All Occasions

See All, Hear All

All in one design with built-in wide angle 2K camera and optimized audio that easily accommodates huddle meeting spaces, the all-in-one conference camera lets you hear and see everyone during conference.

Simple USB plug & play that works with any video conference application.

2K ePTZ Camera

Sony sensor, 94 ° diagonal field of view.

Ai Tracking Camera

With auto framing and face tracking function, it accurately collects meeting scenes and positioning of figures Clear and natural, rich in detail.

Built-in Microphone & Speaker

Built-in highly sensitive microphone array for 360° voice pickup with radius up to 5 meters, Wide coverage and clear reception. Built-in high power speaker,AGC automatic gain Control, clear sound quality. Built-in Subwoofer to produce low pitched audio frequency for 3D Audio experience.

Echo Cancellation & Noise Reduction

Built-In 3A Algorithm, AEC [Acoustic Echo Cancellation], AGC [Auto Gain Control], ANR [Anti-Noise Resistance]

Technical Specifications
  • Acoustic echo cancellation & noise reduction
  • Built-in 4 microphone arrays
  • Voice pick up range up to 5 meters
  • Built-in speaker
  • 2560 x 1440 pixels @ 30 fps
  • 94° Wide of view
  • MJPEG Dual Stream Output