M800 Air Mic

Air-array Microphone

Product Features

8 microphone array, exceptional pickup range

Combination of 8 microphones, 10 meter of pick up range. Speak freely, facilitating natural, stress-free conversation.

AI Voice Tracking

Industry leading beam forming technology M800 intelligently utilizes four beams to automatically track voices within the room simultaneously, allowing for lively conversations to be picked up and delivered clearly to the far end by rejecting and cancelling out noise, echoes and reverberation.

3A Algorithms, Hifi5 DSP

3A algorithms with Adaptive echo cancellation(AEC), Acoustic Noise Cancellation (ANC), Auto Gain Control (AGC), and the latest HIFI5 DSP that guarantee the best audio in range automatically detects components, configures devices, and optimizes audio performance for the room environment – adjusting for reverberation characteristics, echo behaviour, speaker/mic position to the best.

Flexible setup, easy installation

With dynamic beams, there’s no need to reconfigure when sitting arrangements change, position of mic change regardless of ceiling mount, wall mount or table top, allowing for use in multi-purpose usage with no dead spots.

Tech Specs

Microphone Type

Digital Array Microphone

Microphone Array

Built-in 8 mics to form a circular array microphone

Pickup Distance



-26 dBFS

Signal Noise Ratio

> 80 dB(A)

Frequency Response

20Hz – 16kHz

Sampling Rate

32K sampling, HD broadband audio

USB Protocol

Support UAC

Automatic Echo Cancellation (AEC)


Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS)


Automatic Gain Control (AGC)


Reverberation suppression


Audio Input

1 x 3.5mm line in

Audio Output

2 x 3.5mm line out

USB Interface

1 x USB audio interface

Power Input



Φ 130mm x H33mm

Net Weight


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