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Revolutionised Your Classroom with Affordable Solution: IMAGO AIOS Lite Smart Board

LITE Smartboard

Revolutionised Your Classroom with Affordable Solution: IMAGO AIOS Lite Smart Board

Engaging Digital Education Experience

Immerse in a unique learning environment with the IMAGO AIOS Lite Smart Board. As an integral part of the IMAGO Smart Classroom solutions, this product caters to progressive and engaging education styles. Turn lessons into interactive and collaborative experiences as the IMAGO AIOS Lite grants students and teachers connections beyond physical spaces. Built with all the right tools, it promotes a dynamic approach to both physical and virtual education. For schools desiring an economical yet enriching teaching device, this is your top pick.

Seamless Connection and Collaboration

The IMAGO AIOS Lite Smart Board helps you connect with students more efficiently, even outside the four walls of a traditional classroom. This virtual learning tool integrates all the interactive essentials required for a fruitful teaching experience. Combining modern technology with traditional teaching solutions, this product offers a smooth platform for students and teachers to engage and collaborate in real-time.

Economical Teaching Device

Invest in an affordable solution that does not compromise on quality. The IMAGO AIOS Lite is the best choice for schools seeking cost-effective teaching tools. Despite its affordability, it offers a variety of interactive features that foster an engaging and dynamic learning environment. It is proof that quality education can be achieved without breaking the bank.

LITE Smartboard

Technical Specifications

Light Source : LED

Brightness : 400 cd/sq.m

Contrast : 5000:01

Resolution : 3840 x 2160 (4K)

Response Time : 5ms

Viewing Angle : 178º

Display Colour : 8 bits

Screen Protection : 4mm Toughened Glass Surface Protection


Processor : Intel Core i5/ Core i7

RAM : 8GB / 16GB

Storage : 128GB / 256GB SSD

LAN Port : 1

WLAN : 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz

Touch Surface : Anti-Break

Touch Sensor : IR

Touch Point : 20 points

Writing Tools : Pen or Finger

Touch Resolutions : 32768 x 32768

Response Time : Less than 5ms

Cursor Time : 125 point/s

Positioning Accuracy : 1 mm

Interface to Computer (External) : USB (Touch Out) x 2