Flash by IMAGO

Flash by IMAGO

IMAGO Flash is IMAGO’s proprietary video conference application built with rich capabilities and usability that promote consistent performance and user experience across any device and platform.

IMAGO Flash provides all-inclusive, enterprise-grade video collaboration in all formats, from browsers to desktop and mobile apps, with unlimited endpoint connectivity, phone dial-in, and recording.

When it comes to privacy and security IMAGO Flash offers unparalleled hybrid support options to mitigate bandwidth utilisation issues with a locally hosted media server. This option is especially beneficial for organisations or users who want to ensure the highest level of privacy for their stakeholders.


1. A connected workforce is an empowered workforce
IMAGO Flash enables a more collaborative meeting culture in today’s digitally savvy workforce. With Flash’s superior video communications capabilities, a face-to-face meeting is the default mode for human connections. Regardless of physical location, teams can collaborate globally, improving organisational decision-making efficiency.

2. Reliable Network Performance
Internet and wireless connections can make or break a video meeting. Common issues like network congestion and packet loss can affect the quality and disrupt an ongoing video call. With dynamic adaptation based on SFU (Selective Forward Unit) technology, IMAGO Flash is able to maintain HD-quality video conferences by concealing any errors and restoring the call quality when the network condition improves.

3. Global Scalability
Flash delivers 100+ concurrent HD connections per virtual appliance or unit of rack space. Rather than transcode at a centralized bottleneck (the traditional MCU do so), Flash media server directs an optimized video stream to each conference participant. This remarkably effective and efficient architecture conserves bandwidth and ensures an optimal experience for everyone. Need even more capacity? Just add more media servers anywhere in the network.

4. One-Click Simplicity
IMAGO Flash is built with simplicity in mind. Forget about the complexity of organizing and setting up a meeting. It’s literally a click-to-meet experience.
Meetings can be done virtually in any browser on your desktop or mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Take advantage of the nifty features like screen sharing, video sharing, chat functions and meeting background to enrich your video conferencing experience.

5. Flexible Subscription – Pay for Only What You Need
Conventional video systems lock you down with custom hardware, specialized chips, and a heavy-duty infrastructure just to support video conferences for big groups.

IMAGO Flash architecture sidesteps compute-intensive bottlenecks like transcoding, and components like our media router run as software on a mainstream server and virtual platforms. This gives us the advantage to offer you maximum flexibility with your IMAGO Flash subscription.
Apart from a standard subscription, you have the option to deploy your own media server for content storage or deploy the full setup to ensure everything’s under your control and more secure.

6. All-in-One System, seamless integration.
IMAGO Flash is built into all IMAGO AIOS systems, making it effortless for users to connect and collaborate on any device. That’s not all, IMAGO Flash enables collaboration with the whiteboard functions on IMAGO AIOS interactive flat panels or in a BYOD environment on users’ own devices.

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