IMAGO Hybrid Classroom Solutions

Adapt to the digital age of education with IMAGO’s compact, All-in-One classroom solutions, made for hybrid teaching & learning.


THE APAC CIO Outlook Magazine named IMAGO Technologies as one of the  Top 5 Education Tech Solution Providers in Malaysia 2022

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IMAGO UC100 PRO Limited Edition Huddlecam wins coveted Red Dot Award for Product Design
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Hassle-free, cost-effective & easy implementation with all-in-one solution

High compatibility & user-friendly

Integrated with teaching software

Classroom Management via IMAGO Smart Present

Integrated with Video Conferencing Application – IMAGO Flash

Security is guaranteed with a customizable Hybrid Private Cloud to safeguard your video calls, recording, and archiving needs.

IMAGO Edu Board

An integral part of IMAGO Hybrid Smart Classroom solutions, IMAGO Edu Board is built to elevate the learning and teaching experience in the age of digital education.

Integrated with all interactive essentials, IMAGO Edu Board lets you connect, engage, and collaborate with your students in the most dynamic way they know and enjoy in one single solution.

Built-in Camera & Omnidirectional

Equipped with a 104° wide-angle 8MP camera, plus a 360° omnidirectional microphone with echo cancellation feature for wideband audio coverage up to 10 meters.

Virtual Classroom Ready​

Students can join virtual classes instantly via web browser without the trouble of installing any additional plug-ins.

IMAGO Smart Present

Enjoy instant collaboration with seamless screen sharing and broadcasting to students’ devices, making each learning session more interactive and fun. 

Co-annotation & Editing​

Increase students’ participation in learning with real-time co-annotation and editing with remote participants. 

Video Recording & Archiving

Virtual classroom sessions can be recorded and archived on a local repository, which can be integrated with Learning Management Systems (LMS). 

Collaborative Whiteboard

Multi-touch digital collaborative whiteboard with drawing features. Contents can be saved locally or shared via a QR code. 

Hybrid Private Cloud

Adaptive hybrid cloud support that allows hosting of own “Private Cloud” by localizing video traffic and saving on expensive WAN bandwidth.


User-friendly interface to reduce learning curve. 

Anti-Glare & Anti-Break Screen

Achieve a safer learning environment with an anti-break screen and eye protection from glare and blue-light emission.


What Our Clients Say About Us

University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Lecturer

IMAGO Eduboard is very much in line with the needs of e-learning implementation. The use of Smart Present and IMAGO Flash also allows distance learning to be implemented without limitations in addition to adding value to the learning process itself.

Kueen Lai International Secondary School Teacher

IMAGO All-in-One system is ideal, with its Smart Wireless Sharing, Collaborative Digital Whiteboard, and IMAGO Flash Blended Learning Solution for students’ best online experience.

Ministry of Education (Thailand) Minister

IMAGO's camera (IMC-980U-4K-20 and IMC-980U-FHD-20X specifically) has became our choice for teleconferences and virtual meetings because it is extremely user friendly. It can also be integrated with our external camera control systems effectively while providing sharp images. Not only that, the support services from IMAGO and its distributor channel here in Thailand are superb!

Srinakharinwirot University (SWU) Lecturer

We use IMAGO Edu Board for active learning and teaching, and we love it! It's very suitable for interactive collaboration as our teachers can present their syllabus onto multiple devices at the same time. Screen sharing can be done easily without cables, digital drawing board is easy to use and can fully replace traditional whiteboards. It's really convenient for both the teachers and students.

    Our Clients


    • Bridging the gap between in-person learning and digital learning.
    • Improved flexibility for learners and teachers
    • Maintain quality Lessons, regardless of the environment
    • Maintain active participation & engagement
    • Increased Access to Learning (Better use of teaching resources)
    • More Variety for Learners
    • Reduced Digital Fatigue
    • Reduced Student Absenteeism


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